Who’s Behind the Soap Pot

Life is stressful…

Everyone know that. Family obligations, jobs that even if we love them leave us exhausted, commuting to work, running to the grocery store for French toast ingredients because the weatherman is threatening another blizzard, even our “time off” is so stressful that we need a vacation after our vacation.

Heather Kalisiak, Chief Saponifier of Martinsville SoapworksI can help with that. I’m Heather, and in 2002 I started making soap from scratch in my kitchen under the name Martinsville Emporium. That name changed when I opened my storefront on Webster Street in 2013 to Martinsville Soapworks.

My favorite thing to do is to create bath and body goodies that do two things – they have to smell great, and they help you deal with the stresses of everyday life. Not in that “here’s a Xanax, go the the gym, and lay off the booze” kind of way – there’s no medical advice here – I want you to realize that while you only have ten minutes to shower before the toddler/cat/significant other gets through that bathroom door, you have the time make it count!

So even on your busiest of days, that ten minutes can be the best, most fragrant, skin-pampering, YOU-loving minutes of your day – because when you take care of yourself, it’s easier to take care of everyone else you love.

My philosophy is simple…

I love fragrance, and because of that I’m very picky about the ones I use, to make sure that every bar of soap and bottle of lotion is the very best. I  go through dozens of testers to find the right fragrances, so no matter which one you choose, it will smell exactly like what it says on the label.

Fragrance tells a story – a certain scent can transport us back to a single moment in time. To capture that, each soap label tells that fragrance’s own story in my own life, a moment I want to share with you. So whether it’s a few too many margaritas in Mexico, my choice of karaoke songs, or two of the most important men in my life, I’m inviting you into my world.

A killer scent is no good without the right medium, though. So I make your soaps in 20 pound batches, using my own formula I developed over 14 years ago (it’s stayed pretty much the same that entire time, with a few tweaks early on). Some of our other products – the Body Frosting, Scrub Drops, and our world-famous Lip Licker Liniment – are also made from my own formulas from scratch. Your choices are rounded out with some top-notch premade bases like our Hand & Body Lotion and our Body Wash, because you fell in love with those as well and who am I to say no?

If there’s an ingredient you’re looking to avoid for whatever reason, we offer full transparency about all of our products, so just ask! You won’t find any mineral oil or phthalates in our products, and many of them are vegan as well.

So take care of yourself…

It makes it easier to spread the love with everyone else.

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Heather Kalisiak
Chief Saponifier, Martinsville Soapworks

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