What Happens When Soap is Too Popular, or, Trials of a Soapmaker, 2018 Edition

OK, so here’s the details on the Christmas Memories soap situation…
(Caution: long-winded post ahead. I would have done a video post on Facebook but I’m at home and let’s just say that this time of year my house is not exactly presentable!)
In 2017, I made a standard batch of Christmas Memories soap (20 lbs, 62 bars) and released it on Black Friday, which is when I have always released the holiday soaps – and we sold out in a week.
This year, I made 124 bars, and because all you fine folks were calling and messaging me starting in October, I released it on November 15th, when it was cured.
As of right now (which is actually 2 am, although a link to this post won’t shop up on Facebook until about 9 am), there are 15 bars left. They are, however, NOT on the floor – they’re in a cupboard in the lab, and if you would like to purchase some Christmas Memories soap, just ask for it. ^_^
I feel terrible that I didn’t make more (just ask my husband or our daughter, they will tell you!). I work really hard on my projections for the holiday season, and I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this particular soap, and I should have made another batch. I hope those of you who have been looking forward to it have already been in to buy it.
I could make another batch (or a half batch, which is 30 bars), but there is no way to speed up that 4 week cure time, so it would not be ready until after Christmas. I don’t normally make soap after the holiday season starts, but I’m also not used to selling out on a soap this quickly.
All of the other holiday soaps are at reasonable levels for this time of the season, and really, they are all quite lovely (I’m partial to the Candy Cane, even after all these years).
Next year I may try offering pre-orders on the holiday soap, what do you think?
Really, ask my family, they will tell you how much I have worried on this.
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