Wednesdays in February and March

Our Wednesday hours starting on February 15th and ending in mid-April will be in flux, so please either check our Facebook page or give us a call at (716) 694-4822 if you are planning on coming out on a Wednesday after about 1:30. If the machine picks up, we are not at the store.

It’s entirely possible you’ve met our daughter Talia in the time we’ve been here on Webster Street. Without going into too many details, she has been having problems with her teeth and mouth, and endured her 6th oral surgery to remove two benign tumors from her upper and lower jaws the day after Valentine’s Day. We are blessed that her condition is not cancer, that the tumors are always benign and will not spread; however, they are very aggressive and she is missing several teeth because of them.

Because her oral surgeon is a specialist, he only has office hours on Wednesdays, and right now because she’s post-surgery she has to go in for checkups every week. This will be an ongoing process as she will be monitored very closely for the next few years, but the appointments should space out by the end of March.

It’s hard being a parent and a business owner, and I truly appreciate all the well-wishes, prayers, and good thoughts that everyone has sent our way during this time. I also want to thank Liz, Diane, and Stephen for filling in last week while I was home taking care of Talia.


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