Things I learned from hosting a ghost hunt

If you’ve talked to me in the store for any length of time, you’ll eventually hear about the paranormal activity that has been happening since we moved into the Webster Street location. Last night we hosted the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society as they did a joint investigation of our building as well as next door at Spiritually Rooted for the third season of their web series, Behind the Shadows.

The Greater Western New York Paranormal Society (GWNYPS)
Some of the team members of GWNYPS (from left to right):
Dan Klaes (Co Founder/Investigator), Cameron Daboin (Founder/ Lead Investigator), Jason Bingenheimer (Tech Manager/Photographer), Lewis Caferella (Photographer/Videographer/Investigator), Dana Bridenbaker (Videographer), Ashley O’Brien (Psychic Medium/Investigator), and crouching down is Lynn Czekaj (Investigator)

I promised them no spoilers – y’all will all have to wait for the episode to see what went on, and as soon as I have updates on when and where the show will air, I will let everyone know!

It was an incredible evening, though, not just for me but for my daughter who was here with me the entire time. But until we know whether they were able to capture anything with their equipment, I will share a few things I personally learned by going through the experience:

  • Leverage who you know – The investigation really came about because one of the founders of GWNYPS, Dan Kales, went to school with my sister.  I wouldn’t have ever thought to reach out to anyone about the activity if he hadn’t wanted to leave some postcards of theirs in my store, which he did because of that connection. There is no “six degrees of separation” in WNY, folks – use that to your advantage.
  • Everyone appreciates a box of coffee and Timbits, and it never hurts to pick up the tab at the bar either (especially if you can be sneaky about it, heh).
  • The women of GWNYPS are amazing, funny, and smart as heck – having a little time with them just hanging out was great and a huge inspiration for my daughter (and not just because she came home and added a bunch of ghost hunting tools to her Amazon wish list). Thank  you so much for including my daughter and I in your conversations.
  • This should go without saying, but Webster Street? Haunted. (That’s not really a spoiler because GWNYPS have already investigated the Riviera and the History Museum.)
  • I no longer care if other people don’t believe in ghosts, think that paranormal shows are staged,  or that mediums are fakers – and not just because of what happened last night. (Sorry, no spoilers, remember?) If people can receive confirmation, consolation, or closure from working with paranormal researchers, then where is the harm?
  • Stop second guessing yourself. You would think I would have learned this one by now, because I do it all the time – and I tell my daughter not to do it either. But really, if something pops into your head, say it! Write it down if you are still self-conscious about being wrong – but you have a good chance of being right. And if you’re not, that’s ok too.

As I said before, I will let everyone know when and where the episode is scheduled to air. I’m as excited to see it as you are!

PS – Yes, I know I didn’t post last week’s Friday Fragrance Feature – I was busy making soap and mopping the floor! Plus there’s a weird thing about Wild Elderberry that is a part of the post itself that’s causing an issue – purple is hard to photograph! :/




One thought on “Things I learned from hosting a ghost hunt

  1. Heather,
    Just wanted to let you know that I watched the entire video and I loved it! I’ve been really interested in the paranormal all my life though, so thanks for sharing!
    Also wanted to tell you how much I love your products! I live in Kentucky and my adult children live in your area so my daughter in law introduced me to you and your store a couple of years ago and now I use your products daily and have to stop in every time I am in town to stock up. I’m glad to know that if I run out I can mail order also.
    And her name is also Heather!
    Keep on making your wonderful products and Best Wishes with your store and your resident Spirit!

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