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Here in Martinsville, we like to take a good idea and run with it sometimes. So when our customers asked us for shaving soap, we wondered how we could make it better than other shaving soaps out there.

Shaving soap is different from regular soap in that it has bentonite in it. Bentonite is a clay that gives shaving soap "slip" - in other words, it allows the razor to glide across the skin easier.

So what we've done is taken our fabulous glycerin soap and added bentonite to it. Why our glycerin soap, and not our usual formula? Two reasons - first off, we'd already been using it without the clay as a shaving soap, and it has such a great creamy lather that we knew it would be perfect.

But here's the other reason we decided on the glycerin soap - if you already have a favorite shaving mug, we've included instructions so you can melt it down yourself and pour it into your own mug! That's something you can't do easily with our traditional cold process soaps. Instructions are right on the bar.

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