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My Number One Goal this year is to figure out a way to keep up with soap production, so your favorite bars are always in stock. Since we made the move to Webster Street, this has been a perennial issue – I just can’t make the stuff fast enough for y’all!

Especially right now, we are really low on soap. Really, really low on soap. Right now there are 12 cubbies in the Wall of Soap that have NO soap in them, and none of them have more than 12 bars. This is frustrating for all of us, since I know you want soap, and I want you to have soap!

Here’s where the shortage comes from – I stop making soap on Halloween, because once November 1st hits, I have to fill in everything else for the holidays, and the soap needs to cure for that 3-4 week cure time. So in August, I look at the numbers from the previous years and try to guess how much soap I need to make to have soap on the shelves through to February.

And this year, thanks to all of my amazing customers, I underestimated. By about a batch of each fragrance – that’s 36 single batches of 30 bars each.

So, back to my Number One Goal. I’m already making most of your favorites – Lavender & Goat’s Milk, Lilac, Bay Rum, Juicy Grapefruit – in 60 bar batches. The larger batch size is requiring a few adjustments – and that’s where my latest baby comes in.

Now every trade has its tools, and for soapmakers, probably one of the most indispensable tools is the stick blender. I have 5 of them- actually every one I’ve ever purchased is still working – well, except the one I melted, but that’s a different story. O_o

My stick blender collectionBut here’s the problem with consumer grade stick blenders – they aren’t long enough or strong enough to make a double batch of soap. So (darn!) I had to purchase a new one, which arrived today!!

Just look at that tall beauty. 12″ shaft length, 350 watt motor, two mixing speeds, and a detachable mixing unit. Double batches are not going to be a problem anymore. I have more coconut oil arriving tomorrow, and I can’t wait to give it a try!!

Speaking of tomorrow –  it’s almost Friday! This week’s Friday Fragrance Feature is one of our newest fragrances, Wild Elderberry.

Until tomorrow!


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