It shall be known as the Great Scrub Drop Shortage of ’17

So as I mentioned in a Facebook Live I did a few months ago, I’m taking the Husband on a trip to Japan for our 25th wedding anniversary, so tomorrow is my last day in the store until I return on June 13th. Don’t worry, the store will still be open regular hours! But we have one teeny problem…

scooping scrub drops normally
Yeah, see this? Not happening very fast right now…

Last weekend, we visited with some friends who have moved out of town but were back for a family wedding. As we were leaving via the side fence gate, I thought, “Gee, it’s pretty dark back here, I should get out my…”

THUD (sound of me hitting the ground)


I fell flat onto my face. Well, my chin hit the ground last, after my knees and hands. My left knee appears to have taken the brunt of it (I will spare you any photos of the lovely pair of bruises I’ve been sporting since then) but what I didn’t realize until a few days later was that my right arm wasn’t very happy about my deciding to take a brief lie-down on the way out the door. So while everything else is pretty well stocked for my 2 week absence, we are relatively low on Scrub Drops. Because they are all hand scooped, I just haven’t been able to make more than one batch a day without my arm being in serious pain. I only strained it, so by the time I return I will be back to normal, and right now we’re in good shape (although we are totally out of Lavender Scrub Drops).

We are, however, stocked up with lots of other great things for both grads and dads (because Father’s Day is coming up, and they deserve nice-smelling things, too!), so I hope you’ll stop by while I’m gone, and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for a few photos from Japan!


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