From the Soap Pot – Pumpkin Pie & Witches’ Brew

Summer’s winding down  so I’ve been busy starting the final preparations for the fall and holiday season. Really, there’s nothing worse than having to think about Christmas when you have the air conditioner blaring (I am not a fan of the heat). But it takes time to order fragrance samples, decide which ones to order, wait for the full size containers to arrive, make the soap, and then wait for it to cure.

Speaking of curing, quite a few on the rack this week; new batches of Wild Elderberry (which we’ve been out of since Canal Fest, eeek!), Teakwood & Cardamom, Nag Champa, and Cherry Blossom, as well as the fall/Halloween seasonals, Pumpkin Pie and Witches’ Brew. I’m especially pleased with how the top of the Witches’ Brew came out:

Witches' Brew soap top decoration

I can’t wait to do the official photo shoot for this one – the vein colors are pretty stunning.  All of those soaps will be ready around September 21st.

September and October are my busiest production months, as I prepare for the holidays. However, it’s also when I have to look at the past year and see what is selling and what is not, and decide what to cull. It’s never my favorite thing to discontinue soaps, because it never fails that someone will be aggravated with me, but I can’t bring in new scents if I have no room for them. So, these are the scents that I will not be making in soap again:

  • A Pair of Pears
  • Coffee
  • Honeysuckle Vines
  • Bee My Honey

The Bee My Honey soap will probably be the first to sell out, since there’s 14 bars left; the rest I will probably have through Small Business Saturday at the very least.

The good thing is that there’s room to bring in some new scents. A couple are almost ready, but I’ll wait until next week to let you know about those.

Until then,

xoxo, Heather


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